Why Climate Change Conversation In Qatar Needs To Be Restarted and Revitalized

Interview : Neeshad V.S, Co-FOunder & Coordinator, AYCM Qatar , Dr Mari Luomi, Senior Research Emirates Diplomatic Academy, Jamie Clarke, Executive Director of Climate Outreach, Dr Bradley Freeman, Associate Professor of Communication and Information Studies, American University in Dubai and Khalifa Al Obaidly, Director of the Artists in Residence Programme, Doha Fire Station.

In almost every global challenge – be it economic growth or food security or inclusivity – Qatar proves that it is a unique case study, the results of which cannot be extrapolated from anything we have ever done anywhere in the world. Climate change is no different. Which is why this month we explore the various factors driving intranational climate debate, or the lack of it, how this can be improved and why we should care.

Link :https://issuu.com/oryxmags/docs/qatar_today_april_2017/36



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Neesad, thanks for posting!

Neesad, thanks for posting!

From page 43 of Qatar Today, April 2017 issue:

"In English-speaking northern countries, there tends to be a set of audiences, people with centre-right values and principles, that elevate tradition and economic development above all else. They are an example of 'hard-to-reach' audiences for climate change communicators," says Clarke. "But this can change with context. In some cases, it's people on the left of politics who are hard to reach. In India, there are different constituencies that are more or less engaged. The people of the Hindu Nationalists tradition have not been well engaged with the message but the government they elected is very positive towards promoting renewable activities. This makes for an interesting analysis. That's why it's difficult to make sweeping statements about who is hard to reach on this issue. In the Arab situation, we are not clear ourselves who these audiences may be."

We'd love to hear how you, our international community, have effectively communicated about climate change to your own communities. If you have a story, please post it here!