Videos: Climate Science

From top talks by world-renowned climate experts to exclusive interviews with climate change researchers here at MIT. We’ve got it all. 

Expand your knowledge with our collection of compelling climate change videos.

MIT's Deputy Director for Science Research, Adam Schlosser presents "Climate-Energy Nexus: Risk, Resiliency, and Recourse". (Read More)
The Past, Present, and Future of Regional Collaboration and Subnational Diplomacy: 12/8/2017 (Read More)
Zeyneb Magavi of HEET, Gas Leaks Allies & Mothers Out Front discusses methane emissions in Massachusetts, and partnership opportunities in activism. (Read More)
Jackie Janes, Jared Snyder, Katie Theoharides, and Éric Théroux discuss the transition to a low-carbon economy with moderator David Cash, at the Together in Climate Action (Read More)
Dan Gatti, Stephanie Pollack, Mike Tamor, and Jessika Trancik discuss decarbonizing the transportation sector, and how human behavior impacts traffic and consumption patter (Read More)
Marie Claude Francoeur, Jason Hollett, Chris Knittel, and Paul Miller discuss carbon pricing, and the design and integration of national and subnational programs. (Read More)
We will look at the substantial role which uncertainty plays in our economy, politics and science. (Read More)
Why politicians and economists are diametrically opposed on the idea of carbon price, and why Secretary Hillary Clinton's platform didn't feature a carbon price. (Read More)
Part 2: What has been the role of the United States in shaping global climate policy? What are the achievements and failures of US climate policy? (Read More)
This video explores the history and institutional basis of international governance. (Read More)
This lecture will build on 101 and dive into an overview of how the climate system responds to both natural and human-caused forcings, and how scientists can detect and att (Read More)
If you are a designer for climate policy, what do you think is important and how will you design a good policy? (Read More)
This lecture will begin with the history of climate science and will provide a broad overview of the physics of the climate system. (Read More)
For a panel entitled "Global Systems 3.0: Equitable Solutions for a Changing World," the Dalai Lama was joined by distinguished faculty from MIT (John Sterman and Deborah A (Read More)
In the second of two videos, MIT’s Professor of Atmospheric Science, Kerry Emanuel, explores the complex relationship between climate change and our economy. (Read More)
In this video, MIT’s Professor of Atmospheric Science, Kerry Emanuel, explains the origins of climate science and shares with us the areas which interest him most.  (Read More)
In this video, Aquatic Ecologist Julie Simpson discusses her pioneering work with MIT’s Sea Grant College Program.   (Read More)
In this video, Professor Elfatih Eltahir explains the regional focus on his climate research at MIT. (Read More)
In this video from the 2016 EAPS Climate Summit, MIT Professor Elfatih Eltahir discusses the importance of researching how climate change is affecting land regions. (Read More)
How can we motivate countries to reduce emissions?  In this video, MIT’s Associate Professor Noelle Eckley Selin provides solutions for encouraging climate change policies globally. (Read More)
What conditions need to be just right for life on Earth? In this video, Sarah Seager looks at planets outside our solar system and compares their conditions to that of Earth. (Read More)
How has the Earth’s climate changed over the past 400 million years? In this video, David McGee explains how scientists are able to uncover how the Earth’s climate history. (Read More)
How can we increase global food production if air pollution is reducing our crop yields. This is the question that MIT’s Colette Heald attempts to answer in this video. (Read More)
In this interview, Associate Professor Jeffrey Grossman discusses topics ranging from his work in material engineering to his love of ballroom dancing. (Read More)
In this video from the 2016 EAPS Climate Summit, MIT’s Associate Professor Dan Cziczo discusses the role clouds play in combating the warming effects of greenhouse gases.  (Read More)