Dorn Cox: Climate Adaptation, Mitigation, and Regenerative Agriculture

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MIT Together in Climate Action Summit: 12/8/2017


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It was great to hear Dorn

It was great to hear Dorn speak on this topic at the summit -- so important to the overall climate action picture, and an aspect that I think 

-solutions-more-benefits-lower-costs">doesn't get enough attention compared to the relatively expensive and technological energy system transition. I'm hopeful that the great pilot studies and clear evidence in favor of regenerative agriculture can be scaled up.

It'll take a substantial political effort to shift the incentives presented to most farmers, at least in the US, through the deeply entrenched Farm Bill. We might look to the wetlands protection & restoration incentives provided through the Conservation Reserve Program as one model.

But incentives also need to come from the market - who's willing to buy the oats I've dropped into my rotation with corn and soy at a fair price? Local supply chains have broken down and require a rehab. I imagine that it'll take the concerted sustainability efforts of a few big players in the ag supply chain - e.g. UnileverWalmart - to turn the tide.

Have you seen the 2017 Union of Concerned Scientists report "Turning Soils Into Sponges"? Seem to me a useful summary and synthesis of different action options.