Training to Design Energy Efficiency Projects

On-line seminars offered by the Association of Energy Engineers.  ($845 for non-members).  The Association is a good reference for energy professionals, with certification programs and books about all aspects of energy systems and facilities.

Fundamentals of Energy Efficiency

Four, 2-hour modules, starting July 17, 2017.

From auditing the baseline, to HVAC, the ROI and sustainability.  

Advanced Lighting

Sustainable Lighting Solutions - 

Four, 2-hour modules, July 31-August 3, 2017 or November 28-December 1, 2017

Hallmarks of sustainable lighting;  Maximizing the use of daylight; and more

the tools to break the Lighting Power Density barrier of 0.5 watts/ SF, while improving lighting quality in work spaces. Available technology options will be explored in-depth in this program by two leading lighting retrofit experts. ...LED/ SSL products are now the best option to provide superior performance and longer life. There are so many options and so much conflicting information that it is difficult to choose the right ones...Spectrally enhanced lighting (SEL) lighting technique will be covered in detail,