Explore videos, articles and member-generated discussions related to our ClimateX topics.

From the polar ice caps to tropical rainforests, the Earth is dramatically altered as a result of climate change. Explore the latest research and discussions concerning our natural world. 

Discover the most innovative climate science research coming out of MIT and beyond and consider where the future of climate science should take us.

Learn how climate change is threatening global food security and consider how our agricultural practices must adapt to these new conditions. 

How is climate change affecting our health? Uncover how climate change links to our physical well-being and whether some of us are at greater risk than others.

Explore what urban and rural communities are doing to tackle climate change and discuss how your community can come together to create local change. 

For many people, acting on climate change draws on deeply held values, such as justice and stewardship. Explore how faith and ethics intersect with climate challenges.

The politics of climate change are becoming increasingly polarized. Find out how politics and climate action interact on a local, national and global scale. 

As our climate changes, so do the economics behind addressing it. Learn how businesses are responding to the sustainability challenge and discuss how we can incentivise companies to “go green.”

Keep up to date with the latest technologies designed to tackle a multitude of climate change problems. From startups to MIT’s cross-disciplinary innovations, review the innovative ways we are combatting climate change.

Finding scalable and renewable energy sources is one of the greatest challenges of this generation. Learn more about new energy storage and conversion technologies from MIT and beyond. 

From electric cars to solar-powered train, learn how transportation is changing to meet green initiatives.

How can we ensure a resilient infrastructure as weather extremes become more common? Ground-breaking work is underway here at MIT and around the world to modernize our infrastructure.