Together in Climate Action: Northeastern North American Policy Summit

MIT’s Together in Climate Action Summit focused on sharing climate leadership strategies and exploring pathways forward in Northeastern North America. The event took place on December 7th & 8th, 2017. To learn more about the summit, including background, detailed goals and agenda, visit Read MIT News coverage here.

ClimateX has collected all the media content from the summit, including videos of panel discussions, podcasts with panel moderators, and short presentations.

Action Themes which emerged during the summit:

  • Leverage and Extend Networks
    • There are many existing networks in place (and some participants already know each other) - build on and strengthen them!
    • Actively encourage more collaboration among participants (and beyond); these could include working groups to take specific ideas from the Summit further.
    • Build on, strengthen and extend existing academic - policy links.
  • Deepen Grasp of Problems and Solutions
    • Highlight both problems and solutions across the region
    • Use successes in one domain as models for other domains (e.g., RGGI for transportation)
    • Align goals across sectors
    • Surface early opportunities to hone in on specific strategies
    • Articulate and publicize forward movement in the region (in spite of US national government’s trends)
    • Show that all disciplines are relevant