Climate-Energy Nexus: Risk, Resiliency, and Recourse - Adam Schlosser

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These slides were part of a presentation by MIT's Deputy Director for Science Research, Adam Schlosser, at the Together in Climate Action: Northeastern North American Policy Summit.

You can see more presentations and listen to interviews with the presenters here.

And if you want to watch the summit livestream, you can find it here


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"Potential impacts of climate

"Potential impacts of climate warming and increased summer heat stress on the electric grid: a case study for a large power transformer (LPT) in the Northeast United States

Large power transformers (LPTs) are critical yet vulnerable components of the power grid.  More frequent and intense heat waves or high temperatures can degrade their operational lifetime and increase the risk of premature failure.  Without adequate preparedness, a widespread situation could ultimately lead to prolonged grid disruption and incur excessive economic costs."

Dr. Schlosser, I'm sorry but it's not all about "excessive economic costs" with LPT failure during overstress of the grid. 

There's nasties in those transformers that cause serious environmental problems, and danger to those who have to deal with the failure events too.  See... Transformer Failure.