Climate Conversations S2E7: Climate Justice Through Community Partnerships

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What is climate justice? How do we come up with solutions that not only recognize that climate change disproportionally impacts marginalized people, but amplify the voices of those in frontline communities?

We sit down with Lisa Young, the Climate Justice Partnerships Organizer for the Better Future Project and discuss the evolution of the term “climate justice”, and the ways in which those who contribute the least to climate change suffer the most.

We discuss how not only the solutions to environmental justice issues must be intersectional, but the process by which we reach those solutions. Policy changes and technological innovations will only take us so far in the fight for climate justice, we must lift up the work and voices of everyone impacted.

Young and the Climate Conversations team talk about the history of mistrust and exclusion in the environmental movement. We analyze how to recognize that history and rebuild relationships moving forward; in what Young describes as a “broader-based progressive network”. How can we get everyone involved in climate action, and recognize the contributions of frontline communities?


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From the very first page of

From the very first page of the Better Future Project (350Mass) webpage...

"Students Take Action on November 15th to ask Colleges to Stand up to Fossil Fuels and Secure a Just #ClimateLegacy"

Absolutely priceless!

Standing up to fossil fuels MIT style... MIT Energy Initiative Members


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