Climate Conversations S2E5: Transportation for Communities and a Healthy Planet

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This week, the Climate Conversations team are joined by Zak Accuardi, a Senior Program Analyst at TransitCenter, and former research fellow at Project Drawdown.

Zak explains how improvements to public transportation can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, while improving the lives of a community's disadvantaged people. Zak and the team explore some of the choices both travelers and urban land use planners need to make in promoting a healthy climate.

We also discuss Zak’s role in Project Drawdown, which identifies the 100 most impactful climate change solutions that we can access immediately, and ask Zak about its future.


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Zak - Please look to the

Zak - Please look to the future and consider, which is a solar powered transit system invented at MIT that gets us up off the streets.

 It will be incredibly safe compared to surface transportation and is carbon free, easy to use, affordable, using individual overhead vehicles suspended under a rail that gets its power from the sun.  You move rapidly from your origin to your destination without intermediate stations.  This can become the system of choice in societies that have been dependent on rail, and have not yet invested in automobiles on roads.  In cities that are already clogged it can get travellers up above the traffic moving swiftly along.  Please look at it, think about it and get in touch with Mike Stanley, President, Transit X.