Climate Conversations S1E9: Addressing Climate Change Through Electrochemistry

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This week, the climate conversations team are joined by MIT Professor of Materials Chemistry, Don Sadoway.

In this fascinating discussion, we explore extreme electrochemistry, Don’s novel efforts to cut the carbon footprint of steel, his liquid metal battery for grid-scale storage, and the great things you can do simply by understanding some basic chemistry.

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Despite limits, Li-ion

"So why have well-financed, well-thought-out high-tech startups aimed at supplanting the lithium batteries uniformly failed? An article in MIT Technology Review takes up that question. The article points to four recent advanced battery stumbles, all of them well-funded and technically promising....

 Ambri, seeking to develop a liquid-metal battery, in 2015 laid off a quarter of its staff and pushed back its plans for commercialization from 2016 into an unspecified future date.

Ambri, with Bill Gates as an investor and an MIT professor [Don Sadoway] as a founder, is still alive but not ready for commercial, utility-scale sales."

That's the real question.