Climate Conversations S1E3: The Conflicts of Climate Stakeholders

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This week on Climate Conversations, the team discusses the problematic term ‘stakeholders’ and ask whether climate policy makers can ever treat all stakeholders with equity.

We also consider the role of individual action and what we can do each day to support green initiatives and reduce our individual impact on the environment.


Rajesh Kasturirangan

Curt Newton

David Damm-Luhr

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Rick Shankman's picture

For that future podcast with

For that future podcast with local (Bostonian) Vanessa Rule of "Mothers Out Front," perhaps you should consider inviting Dominique Browning from the original - 1 Million member strong - Mother's Clean
Air Force ( as well.
Rajesh Kasturirangan's picture

I love playing the grinch.

I love playing the grinch. After consulting the great Dr. Google I found out that the term stakeholder is a contronym, i.e., a word that means exactly the opposite of what it used to mean.
Way back when, it used to mean someone who had *no stake in the matter,* i.e., "The term "stakeholder", as traditionally used in the English language in law and notably gambling, is a third party who temporarily holds money or property while its owner is still being determined." Now it means "More recently a very different meaning of the term has become widely used in management. In a business context, a "stakeholder" is a person or organization that has a legitimate interest in a project or entity. The new use of the term arose together with and due to the spread of corporate social responsibility ideas." Leave it to the man to twist every term to his advantage :)