Climate Conversations S1E12: Divest Your Career

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This week, we interview MIT student and Fossil Free MIT member, Jeremy Poindexter.

We discuss Fossil Free MIT’s new career pledge, which encourages students to prioritize climate change and sustainability when making future career choices, fossil fuel divestment and much more.


Rick Shankman's picture has an has an alternative divestment Pledge...

"By signing below, I pledge I will stand for a Fossil Free world, and call on communities, governments and institutions – local and international – to stand with me.  Together we must:

  • Ban all new coal, oil and gas projects, and begin phasing out those that are already built.
  • Divest from and defund fossil fuel projects.  Not a penny more should go to fossil fuels.
  • Commit to a rapid, just transition towards 100% renewable energy for all.

The age of fossil fuels is over.  We are ready to create the change."

Rick Shankman's picture

All is lost.

All is lost.

Buy a Tesla, plant a tree, take a pledge to think about climate change when considering your future career path.


Whatever you do, don't mention the lunacy of your Institute partnering with the companies lobbying against your research goals in the Photovoltaics Lab!

Climate action distraction has won.  The spirit of FFMIT is dead.

And where do the MIT PV Lab projects get their grants (funding) from?... the MITEI (MIT Energy Initiative)!

Just ask MITEI Director Robert C. Armstrong, the Chevron Professor of Chemical Engineering.

Hey Jeremy, do you think you can get Dr. Armstrong to sign the Pledge?