Climate Conversations S1E10: Beyond Techno-Fixes

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Renewable energy, geoengineering and other technological solutions dominate the climate action spotlight, but are they the only way forward?

As our reading of Project Drawdown shows, some of the highest impact solutions are low-tech: stop eating meat, empower women and girls. We have been thinking about these questions for a while and a recent interview with Richard Heinberg on this very topic on the Warm Regards podcast gave us the perfect opportunity to air thoughts in the guise of a response. Listen to this “Big Questions” episode to find out what Curt, Dave and Rajesh think about techno-fixes. And let us know what do you think – when should we trust technology and when should we look elsewhere?



Thanks for the conversation,

Thanks for the conversation, I enjoyed it. Which world economies are most successful at decoupling their economic growth from environmental degradation?

What would a graph of economic vitality versus environmental vitality even look like?

For technofixes I fear Jevons paradox, where fuel efficiency gains tend to increase fuel use. Still I find it hard to cheer for steady state economics.

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"[I] fear Jevons paradox,

"[I] fear Jevons paradox, where fuel efficiency gains tend to increase fuel use."

No need to fear that with implementation of mandated renewables use and its resulting drastic reductions in noxious and carbon emissions.

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"Does even asking that

"Does even asking that question [can technology solve climate change, overpopulation and diversity loss] actually do more harm than good?"


The "fix" is to stop the institutional Earth/climate-offending behaviors themselves.

Why not start there, before disgustingly advocating Malthusian economics?