Climate Conversation S2E1: An Appalachian Perspective on Just Transition

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In the first eposide of Climate Conversations Season 2, we are joined by ex-coal miner and author of The Thoughtful Coal Miner blog, Nick Mullins.

We discuss the history of coal mining in the Appalachian region, including the coal industry’s exploitation of coal miners, and what a just transition away from coal should look like.

Nick explains how activists and environmentalists can improve the way they communicate with mining communities in order to engage them in productive environmental action.


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Co-creating "the future of

Co-creating "the future of work" is an essential part of the just transition away from coal mining, as Nick Mullins laid out so clearly in his interview.

Here's a story about one way MIT people are engaging in the conversation: "What MIT Researchers And Coal Miners Are Teaching Each Other About The Future Of Work."

And apologies for the random aside, but I had to mention: in 2008 I had the pleasure to work a bit with the MIT alum from Kentucky, Sam Ford, mentioned in this article who instigated this work transition project. For something completely different, check out Sam's Topics in Comparative Media: American Pro Wrestling and American Soap Operas on MIT OpenCourseWare.