Our Mission

ClimateX is an online community for people who care about climate change. Our goal is to be a place for people to learn about the many aspects of climate change, connect with one another and collaborate on climate action, research and ideas.

Here at ClimateX, you can connect with like-minded climate activists, scientists and enthusiasts from all over the world, join climate projects that appeal to your interests, and even build your own climate action team.

You can learn more about our founding principles from our co-founder, Rajesh Kasturirangan here.

Meet The Team 

Rajesh Kasturirangan
I am a mathematician and a cognitive scientist, not a climate scientist or policy professional, so it's somewhat surprising that I am one of the cofounders of ClimateX. After living in India for several years, I realized that climate change, environmental degradation and ecological collapse harms the weakest among us and it's our duty to act as soon as possible.
Dave Damm-Luhr
As one of the co-founders of ClimateX, I’m excited to work with you to move it closer to being the go-to place for your climate action needs. As an activist I bring a keen sense of urgency to closing the knowledge-action gap, while linking you to others with similar interests.
Curt Newton
As part of the ClimateX startup team, I connect us with the MIT academic and research community, advise on climate change content, and co-host our video interviews and podcasts. These roles build on over a decade of online education experience with MIT OpenCourseWare, where I’m site curator and a publication manager.

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