An open challenge for anyone to join

Here at MIT, we work closely with other Institute partners like Climate CoLab and SOLVE -- who are equally interested in working as a worldwide community to address climate change. 

Climate CoLab and SOLVE are places where ANYONE with a great idea can develop and submit a proposal. Proposals are reviewed by experts and peers, and often given helpful feedback for how to improve them. Winners are selected by a panel of judges, and are given the chance to come to MIT to present their ideas. Winning proposals are often matched with interested investors. 

So -- we wanted to inform the ClimateX community about a recent challenge that just opened:


Sustainable Urban Communities

The Solve community aims to unearth innovative solutions to support marginalized urban communities accessing sustainable and resilient food and water sources. To do so, Solve welcomes solutions from innovators around the world that:

  • Produce drinkable water or healthy food near the point of consumption in resource- and cost-efficient manners
  • Extend, monitor, and maintain infrastructure for supplying water to urban neighborhoods
  • Improve urban supply chains and equitable market access for nutritious low-carbon food

The criteria for this challenge are:

  • Alignment: Does the solution address the challenge that has been set forth?
  • Scalable: Can the solution be grown and scaled to affect the lives of more people?
  • Potential for Impact: Does the planned implementation of the solution have the potential to impact lives, and does the theory behind how it will work make logical sense? Does the team have a robust plan for monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of the solution?
  • Novelty: Is this a new technology, new application of a technology, or new process for solving the challenge?
  • Feasible: Is it feasible to implement the solution, and does the team have a plan for the solution to sustain itself financially?


If you've got a great idea -- or simply want to browse the proposals that get submitted -- check it out!!