Natural Resources for Sustainable Development

Natural Resources for Sustainable Development: The Fundamentals of Oil, Gas, and Mining Governance, a joint course by the Natural Resource Governance Institute, the Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment, and the World Bank, gives students an understanding of the key challenges and opportunities that come with managing extractive industry investments for sustainable development. It has been updated with new content and new languages for the semesters beginning February 2018.

This course builds knowledge to make the most of oil, gas, and minerals, while mitigating the risks that these industries bring. It outlines the various complex and interrelated aspects of natural resource governance, including: understanding the governance and industry fundamentals; developing and implementing robust and transparent legal frameworks; designing fiscal regimes to capture a fair share of the revenues; managing environmental risks; engaging with communities; leveraging investments for infrastructure and business linkages; and managing revenues for economic diversification and development, among others.

By joining this course, you are becoming part of a global movement of citizens and practitioners committed to harnessing the transformational impacts of these resources. The success of the course depends on an active student base that represents a diversity of experiences, geographies, and perspectives.

Course opens: February 5th, 2018

Length: 12 modules released weekly, with 2-week catch-up period

Effort: 4-6 hours per week

Price: FREE

Full Language Courses: English, Arabic (link to be posted soon)

Video Transcripts: English, Russian, French, Spanish

Readings: English, Russian

Prerequisites: None

Requirements: An internet connection to access course materials

Related SDGs: 12, 9

Course logistics and requirements:

The course launches February 5, 2018. Students can enroll at any time before or after that date and can complete the course materials at any time through May 13th, 2018. After May 13th, 2018, the course content will no longer be available until the next time the course is offered. 


  • Pre-recorded lectures
  • Readings
  • Quizzes and final exam
  • Discussion forums
  • Q&A sessions with course instructors (pre-recorded throughout the course)

New content is released every Monday. Once the content is released, it remains accessible for the duration of the course. All course components can be completed at any time that is convenient for the students. 

Certificates: Students who successfully complete the course will receive a digital certificate of proficiency signed by the course instructors. In order to successfully complete the course, students must score an average of 70% or higher on the graded components of the course. Students who score 85% or higher will receive certificates of proficiency with distinction.

Questions about the course structure or requirements? Email the course team at or the SDG Academy at For technical questions about the platform, please email



Tehtena Tsegaye


The SDG Academy