Community Choice Energy in California

I've done a little research recently on aggregation in California. Feedback is encouraged, especially from anyone who lives there!

California law allows individual cities, counties, and other regional association to establish an alternative energy aggregation service.

A May 2017 study from UCLA's Luskin School of Public Affairs gives a pretty detailed analysis of aggregation status, prospects and challenges. (Its accompanying news release is perhaps a better starting point.) Since 2010, eight aggregation programs have been created, with three more coming online in 2017; and another 20 or so cities and counties are in various stages of exploration and planning. Overall, customers are paying less and helping to accelerate the state's Greenhouse Gas emission reduction targets. The report identifies some on-the-horizon policy and legislative hurdles that need to be addressed if aggregation is to continue scaling up and increasing its climate action effectiveness.

The Clean Power Exchange website has lots of information, including background resources on how to create aggregation campaigns and an interactive map of all aggregation activity in the state.