From EVs to VMTs: The ABCs of Decarbonizing the Transportation Sector

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Dan Gatti, Stephanie Pollack, Mike Tamor, and Jessika Trancik discuss decarbonizing the transportation sector, and how human behavior impacts traffic and consumption patterns. Moderated by Vicki Arroyo. MIT Together in Climate Action Summit: 12/7/2017.


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The transportation sector is

The transportation sector is a huge culprit in the climate change problem; its global and ubiquitous.
A new transportation solution based on renewable energy and less travels remain the key to solving this problem. Virtual mobility using IoT is another unexplored area. This conference theme is germane to the great debate on mitigating climate change. Thanks MIT for initiating this.
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Check out this in-depth

Check out this in-depth reporting on the "RGGI for Transportation" emissions red

uction scheme, by Jan Ellen Spiegel in Yale Climate Communications.

It focuses on the central facilitating role of the Georgetown-based Transportation and Climate Initiative, building momentum for regional coordination across the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic US. 

In the article, hear more from transportation panelists Vicki Arroyo (Georgetown Climate Center) and Daniel Gatti (Union of Concerned Scientists), as well as Katie Theoharides (Commonwealth of Massachusetts) and Jared Snyder (State of New York) from the summit's lead-off session Transition to a Low-Carbon Economy.

It is clear that tackling this largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in our region will take a concerted effort. What positive signs do you see or hear about the transportation sector?  

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Are you getting on the

Are you getting on the transportation bandwagon?

The Acadia Center, Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC), and the Climate Policy Lab at Tufts University are co-hosting a one-day symposium on the future of transportation in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic [US?] region on Thursday, January 11, in Medford, MA. This event is being hosted in collaboration with Transportation for Massachusetts, and the Environmental League of Massachusetts.

The event will feature panels on Regional Climate Policy for the Transportation Sector, Electrification of Transportation, and Transportation of the Future.

Register here.

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Great to see this newspaper

Great to see this newspaper piece by panel participa

nt Stephanie Pollack (MA Dept of Transportation) and her colleague Matthew Beaton (MA Energy and Environmental Affairs), reinforcing the panel's message about the urgency and scale of the transportation challenge and the need for regional collaboration.

"...Reducing transportation emissions will take revolutionary innovation and policy changes, and while Massachusetts is no stranger to revolutions, we also know that they do not happen overnight. The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative took several years from conception to implementation, but its staying power speaks to the benefits of a thoughtful, collaborative development process.

While Massachusetts has long been committed to meeting our own in-state transportation limits on carbon pollution through the Global Warming Solutions Act, the Baker-Polito Administration believes that Massachusetts can’t go it alone. We need a regional approach to achieve the best results for our residents, businesses and communities.

We look forward to helping our partner states as they work to engage stakeholders through their own public process and then to reconvening as a group to share feedback, design solutions, and ultimately begin our work to implement collective policies that will build a stronger transportation system and region."

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