Balancing Act: The Role of Regional Coordination in Delivering Electricity

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Laney Brown, Lisa Frantzis, Pierre-Olivier Pineau, and Lonnie Reed discuss energy policy and regional coordination. Frank O'Sullivan moderates. Together in Action Climate Summit: 12/7/2017


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Very much in the news during

Very much in the news during early 2018 is Massachusetts attempt to procure lots of power from HydroQuebec, to meet its Global Warming Solutions Act-mandated clean energy targets and prep

are for the coming retirement of the Pilgrim Nuclear plant in 2019.

Commonwealth Magazine's Bruce Mohl writes in this 3/1/18 piece about how a regional approach could help fairly distribute the benefits and costs of these plans, and how we're currently falling short.

Ideally, the region as a whole would make these procurements, and each state would share in the costs and the benefits. But Massachusetts officials say a six-state procurement process would be too unwieldy and, with emission reduction targets looming, the state had to forge ahead on its own.

Of course, an increased focus on offshore wind would also yield tangible economic benefits in Massachusetts, without the complications of regional coordination and interstate transmission.