North American Climate Summit - just finished in Chicago

Did you hear about the North American Climate Summit that just finished in Chicago?  [News reports here.]

As we head into the Northeastern North American Policy Summit at MIT, it's great to know that urban leaders across the continent have gathered to to "articulate commitments to the Paris Agreement and recognize the impact cities can have in the fight against climate change."  Northeastern policy leaders gathered at MIT will consider similar challenges at the regional scale.

Among other exciting developments, continental leaders in Chicago signed the Chicago Climate Charter.  Look here for tweets made during the Summit.

Refreshing to see what real climate leadership looks like!  



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My gosh, the NWO of "climate

My gosh, the NWO of "climate leadership" constantly attempting to hijack and consume all grassroots or local initiatives under a centralized (ever-expanding) umbrella of control.

 I wonder who or what is at the head of that control?

"Former C40 Chair, New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg is President of the C40 Board of Directors."

Isn't this the same guy advocating for the CLC (Climate Leadership Council)? The same CLC that reportedly wants trade in "carbon credits/taxes" and to repeal EPA regulations on polluters?

Is there any chance at all that this "Big Oil" backed carbon taxation plan is just a front for making Saudi (versus domestic and other global national oil sources) oil more expensive to import?

"For example, take the case of Saudi Arabian oil.  Saudi Arabia does not currently implement a carbon tax, so Saudi Aramco would need to pay a tariff to the U.S. government in order to import Saudi Aramco oil to the Aramco refinery in Texas."

Now comes the funny part...

"What Saudi Arabia would likely do in this case, is impose a new carbon tax so that Aramco can avoid tariffs in the U.S. and instead pay a tax to its own Saudi government.  American citizens would still end up paying more for the oil, but the Saudi government would pocket that money."

Then of course, there might be some tiny incentive relative to Bloomberg L.P.'s "New Energy Finance" company, focused on carbon trading markets.

p.s. Don't forget to attend Michael Bloomberg's lecture tonight (6:00 pm @ Boston Marriott Cambridge - Kendall Square) hosted by MIT.  Tickets are free for MIT students, staff, faculty and alumni.