Yale Daily News calls out Yale for its climate hypocrisy

As reported today in the Yale Daily News (YDN) by guest columnists Nora Heaphy (Class of 2021) and Leehi Yona (BS '16 Dartmouth), Middlebury College Schumann Distinguished Scholar and renown environmentalist William "Bill" McKibben will be on Yale's campus tomorrow to deliver the prestigious Chubb Fellowship Lecture.  Besides being the current Chubb Fellow at Yale, he is the founder of the popular grassroots www.350.org environmental group.  This is great, so why the fuss?

Because this lecture tomorrow is to be a symbol of Yale's supposed "leadership on climate change and sustainability," yet in reality, Yale is all rhetoric and hypocrisy when it comes to climate action.

MIT ClimateX, take note.

YDN reports that despite Yale's Mission Statement of "[working to improve] the world today and for future generations,"  it continues to secretly support fossil fuel corporate interests with investment of hundreds of millions of dollars of endowment funds.  As the pair of Yale students reveal:

"Despite the University’s stated commitment to improving the world, Yale has failed to take any action commensurate with the magnitude of the problem of impending climate change.  While the University announced in 2016 that it would divest holdings worth less than $10 million, research reveals that Yale increased its investments in fossil fuel companies by hundreds of millions of dollars in the past two years alone.

While much of Yale’s endowment information is inaccessible and opaque, we know that Yale owns stock in Exxon Mobil, a company that has actively funded climate denial for decades, and the Maules Creek Mine, an open-pit coal project that threatens local communities, endangered species and indigenous peoples’ sacred sites.  These investments demonstrate that Yale expects a continued profit from coal, oil and gas companies, a vision of the future that is simply not compatible with any serious attempts to mitigate climate change."

Behold... climate hypocrisy is revealed!

With logic previously expressed on ClimateX, the Yale students continue...

"If Yale was genuinely committed to an equitable renewable energy transition, it would not be investing in the very industries responsible for impeding this transition.  An institution that values the lives of future generations would not seek to profit from the activities that are destroying them."

Not sure these two Yalies would be amenable to any fossil fuel "fireside chats" on campus either.

When revealing climate hypocrisy, it's the details that paint the true picture of the arrogance and deceit involved....

"Within a few months of the University’s 2016 divestment announcement, Yale bought nearly a quarter of a billion dollars of stock in Antero Resources, one of the most notorious publicly traded fracking companies.  Between 2009 and 2013, Antero was found responsible for 47 violations of state and local laws in West Virginia and Colorado and 22 oil spills in Colorado, the highest incidence of spills and violations for any operator in these areas."

As a final thought from the two columnist members of Fossil Free Yale...

"By continuing to invest in the oil and gas industry, Yale not only legitimizes continued extraction of fossil fuels but also profits from these companies’ blatant disregard for environmental and human health."

Well, that about says it all.

So ClimateX, learn well what happens to those whose folly of hypocrisy continues without heed to the consequences.

Two Fossil Free students publically call them out.