News from Canada + Engineers and Geoscientists BC - Continuing Professional Development Event


I'll start out with some news from Canada:

The Government of Canada has created yesterday an expert panel on adapting to climate change.The Expert Panel will support the Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change.

One of the Panel members is Joanna Kyriazis, a lawyer based out of BC, and now in Ottawa. Engineers and Geoscientists, BC has partnered up with Fraser Basin Council to have Joanna Kyriazis deliver a webinar about Climate Law for Professionals, a course Joanna has co-taught in the past through the firm Zizzo Strategy. Zizzo has been offering this as a continuing professional ddevelopment event through Engineers Canada. 

Here’s your chance to the Fraser Basin Council’s webinar delivered by Joanna on Legal Implications of Climate Change for Professionals:

Quick note to let everyone know that APEGBC is now called Engineers and Geoscientists, BC. The Link to our resources section has migrated to a new portal. 

Link to the BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure related Climate Change Resilient Designs Professional Practice Guidelines:

Climate Change Information Portal:

Climate Change is front and center at Engineers and Geoscientists, BC's 2017 Fall Conference. From the next year, both presenters and viewers can potentially attend remotely, but for now, please consider attending at Whistler in consideration of your footprint:



Harshan Radhakrishnan, P.Eng.

Practice Advisor, 

Engineers and Geoscientists BC


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"We should be looking at

"We should be looking at retaining wetlands within and around cities as major flood mitigators; as when we leave wetlands intact and the big storms hit, the water can flow into the wetlands, collect there over a period of time, and then slowly discharge over a long period of time...."

Dr. Blair Feltmate, Chair - Expert Panel on Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience Results

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I guess fracking and drilling Louisiana and its coastline to death wasn't a really good idea.

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