Noam Chomsky's Talk on this site

I have just listened to Noam Chomsky's March 23 talk posted on this site. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. Unlike your equally welcome references to Paul Hawken's Drawdown book and project, Chomsky did not cheer me up, nor did he intend to, nor did I want or expect him to.

He did affirm that those of us who simply can't look away from the crisis of climate change are seeing clearly he w high the stakes are. And I, now in my 70s, was moved by his response to the opening -- existntial -- question, from a 20-year MIT student. Chomsky reflected back on his own decision at age 17, on Aug 6, 1945, on hearing the news of th bombing Hiroshima. He went alone to and sat in the woods and arrived at the conclusion, "Look, you just have to devote your life to this."

And so we arre prioiged to have this encounter wih a brilliant MIT professor who brings us a lifetime of deep wisdom, courageous opposition, and a controlled rage rooted in compassion for all living beings. 

"Is it better to be smart than stupid?," he asks us to wonder, along with many other questions to sit in the woods and ponder.