New Hose Systems to Fight Wildfires and Protect Properties

Very large wildfires are adding CO2 to the atmosphere, and their dark ash is making glaciers melt faster.

I have been working on systems to fight wildfires for many years and have recently 
discovered a new way to create a wide spray from a VERY LOW COST, low profile spray-nozzle. 

Multiple Spray-nozzles are placed along a hose lay, and wall of water then protects a home from 
embers. The low profile nozzle allows the spray hose to be stored on a reel, which allows the 
system to be rapidly deployed. 

A video at   

shows 20 of these nozzles spaced 10 feet apart. This 200 ft length of hose is delivering 300 gallons/minute of water.

I have a US patent 9,561,393 for the hose nozzle. I am expecting a Canadian patent soon.

I have US and Canadian patents for embedding a wire or wire pair into a hose in order to 
support an Ethernet type network along a long hose lay. This network allows for simplified 
and lower cost relay pumping, which is the use of multiple pumps to pump water over longer distances than a single fire truck pumper can achieve.

The Director of Engineering at Hale Pumps co-authored a paper with me on Digital Relay pumping. The paper can be seen on my website -

I wrote an article about the digital relay pumping 
for Wildfire Magazine that can be seen at

The digital network also allows for a long spray hose network to surround an entire 
neighborhood. The network allows only selected hose segments to spray at a given time. This conserves water, and reduces system cost. 

The digital network hose system can also be used to confine Prescribed Fires (RxFires).

The digital network can be seen at my website