MIT Innovation Bootcamp: Beyond Food

Interested in food, health, and entrepreurship?

The MIT Beyond Food Bootcamp could be for you. Learn and practice an innovation framework taught by MIT faculty and MIT-trained mentors, with a focus on innovative entrepreneurial improvements to the food lifecycle, including food system sustainability, transparency, and health. 

Check out their first webinar from May 5 2017, featuring several speakers on these topics, available as a YouTube video or downloadable audio podcast. 

The 2nd webinar in the series, including speakers on converting agro-waste to energy and building a stronger, more resilient local food community, is scheduled for Friday May 19, 10-11AM EDT. That's tomorrow - register here!

This all builds toward a week-long Beyond Food program in Taiwan, September 10-15, 2017.  It brings entrepreneurs and innovators from around the world to learn and practice the innovation framework taught by MIT faculty and MIT-trained mentors. Participants learn and practice critical skills required to be leaders and drive innovation and collaboration: teamwork, leading a team, communication, mutual goal reinforcement, and giving feedback. Learn more.