GREENBUILD ABX 2017 International Conference & Expo - Boston Convention & Exposition Center

GREENBUILD ABX 2017 "Together in Boston - Everyone. Every Project. Everywhere. We Are All In."

November 8th - 10th, Boston Convention & Exposition Center, 415 Summer Street, Boston, Mass.

When we come together at Greenbuild, we are one community of professionals, advocates and practitioners, students and teachers, designers and builders, and everything in between. We leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of what’s next — new technology, new ideas and new ways forward. We are dedicated to transforming the market and changing the way the people all over the world experience buildings. WE ARE ALL IN.

Greenbuild is the world's largest conference and expo dedicated to green building. The ideals and passion of the green building community come alive at Greenbuild. The buzz is contagious. Greenbuild brings together industry leaders, experts and frontline professionals dedicated to sustainable building in their everyday work, and a unique energy is sparked. Participants are invigorated. Inspired. They find themselves equipped to return to their jobs with a renewed passion and purpose.

Prior to the Convention on November 6th, from 08:00 to 12:00...

GREENBUILD Goodwill Greening at MIT

This walking tour of the MIT Campus highlights projects that represent important architectural and high-performance milestones in the Institute’s history. Projects that are part of MIT’s Capital Renewal Program are focused on renewal of core building systems and reducing deferred maintenance in MEP systems, building envelope and IT/security systems. The planning approach is based on the development of a holistic assessment of the natural systems on the campus and a set of guiding principles that will shape facilities planning decisions to mitigate or eliminate environmental impacts. The tour will include: The Sloan School, a new certified LEED Gold home for the School of Management; The Koch Institute for Cancer Research, a certified LEED Gold lab building; The Stata Center, an iconic campus building and surrounding site that sets a precedent for stormwater reuse practices; The Main Group of historic campus buildings that illustrate innovative infill sites for high-performance new buildings and energy efficiency projects; and the tour will conclude with The Kresge Oval and MIT Chapel, an iconic area of campus where participants will discuss the significant architectural time periods represented at MIT and how the aspirational goals of high-performance buildings continue to evolve on campus.

During the walking tour, let's hope nobody takes a detour to view Buiding N16 (MIT CUP fuel oil storage tanks) or reads the plans for Building 42C (the Upgrade Project), where MIT is to partner with those who lobby against home-based solar and help supply natural gas to parts of Cambridge.

While on the Convention floor, be sure to visit Booth 2220 (Boston Architectural College), as MIT SA+P won't be there.