Planning for Climate Change - Larry Susskind

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In this video, Professor Larry Susskind discusses the challenges associated with planning for climate change, and how we need to adapt to the world’s changing climate.

Larry explains why he considers climate adaptation to be more pertinent than climate mitigation and highlights the need to make adaptations before we can convince society to support climate mitigation strategies.


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Tagging onto Curt's message,

Tagging onto Curt's message, Larry offers coastal communities a lot as they look for viable solutions to this very real threat - most recently his book (with Rumore, Hulet and Field), "Managing Climat
e Risks in Coastal Communities: Strategies for Engagement." available to download
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It's good that many

It's good that many communities are beginning to recognize that the changes are upon us.
No matter how aggressively we cut carbon emissions, we have already baked in the next 20-30 years of increased warming (due to the time lag between emission and climate effect). More than anything, I hope adaptation investments keep environmental justice and fairness front and center. In coastal Miami FL or Atlantic City NJ, the water rising into your streets and buildings doesn't care whether you "believe" that climate change is causing it. It's gonna come.
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Will a focus on adaptation

Will a focus on adaptation bring more people into the climate movement or will it make them even more fearful? I don't know, but I really like how Larry makes a strong case for adaptation.
Plus, we will have to learn how to adapt whether we like it or not; might as well learn how to do it well :)