Climate Conversations S2E9: Motherhood and Mobilization

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How can we get more families involved in environmental justice?

The Climate Conversations team sits down with Zeyneb Magavi, a leader in Mothers Out Front in Cambridge, MA. Zeyneb wears multiple hats as an activist with Mothers Out Front, Research Director for HEET, and a member of the Gas Leaks Allies.

They discuss how mothers sharing a strong interest in protecting their children’s future cuts across boundaries, as well as how Mothers Out Front’s grassroots relationship building approach sets itself apart from other groups’ goal of securing a better future for their children through climate justice.

Also of wide interest is hearing about Mothers Out Front’s groundbreaking work with allies to address gas leaks through direct negotiation with three regional gas utilities.  Finally, we hear about the campaign Mothers Out Front in Cambridge is soon to launch - “Bring Paris Home” - to motivate residents to make energy efficiency choices. How can relationship-based initiatives affect positive change?


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Given the immediate reality

Given the immediate reality that we have these pipes under the ground, and they are carrying methane, and they are leaking, I'm glad for the Gas Leaks Allies commitment and creativity to addre

ss this problem. Has nothing to do with "sucking up to Eversource."