Climate Conversations S2E2: Standing up to the Fossil Fuel Industry

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In this week’s episode, we are joined by climate activist and Harvard / MIT researcher Geoffrey Supran, whose recent peer-reviewed paper exposed ExxonMobil for misleading the public about climate science and its implications.  

Geoffrey discusses the importance of the science community going beyond facts and figures to reach the heart of the climate action movement and engage the public.

We also explore the way fossil fuel companies need to transition if we are to move successfully towards decarbonization.




Thanks, interesting

Thanks, interesting discussion, plenty of food for thought.

I always considered we were collectively responsible for these problems, but the study showing even a homeless american consumes 8tCO2 per year really highlights the need for systemic change and why individual sacrifices will never be enough. It's unconscionable oil companies invest 700B$ per year to make the problem worse! Great work shining a torch on Exxon's fraud.

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"Counld you imagine a way in

"Could you imagine a way in which the activist community could be engaging productively with Exxon and other fossil fuel companies... or is that not possible at all?"

Well Geoffrey, instead of pointing out the 25+ year history of "100% failure" of that idea, you could have answered thusly...

Sure they can.  Academic/scientific institutes like Harvard and MIT - but especially MIT - can dupe climate activists like myself into appearing for podcasts to discuss my work exposing ExxonMobil and other Big Oil lies, while helping them greenwash those lies away in podcasts like the one I am giving you now; a podcast where I don't ask any of you at ClimateX any tough questions, like why you have unilaterally retreated from ClimateX's (and FFMIT / MITACAL's) founding principles and done nothing to hold MIT accountable for Exxon and other's complete and total infiltration and subversion of the Institute and its energy research programs.