Clean Power Plan

You don’t have to be an environmental engineer to understand that the clean power plan would have had strong smog reduction and human health promoting co-benefits. Even if you’re not sold on the GHG reduction benefits, the impact that the clean power plan could have had on supporting the new clean energy jobs is a loss for everyone. Where’s a leader when you need one? To read about the repeal of the clean power plan and in particular Guidelines such as Carbon Pollution Emission for Existing Stationary Sources: Electric Utility Generating units, read this article:


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Thanks Curt. Its good to see

Thanks Curt. Its good to see the push back from the states and institutions.

The Canadian Federal government has a strong adaptation focus now and mitigation is something that is lead through municipal level efforts through the climate action charters.I keep hearing about a carbon price in several governmental conversations here - it will be interesting to see it materialize in the future.

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Thanks for sharing this,

Thanks for sharing this, Harshan. I agree with you, the air pollution co-benefits of the plan were substantial.

It was bad that so many US state attorneys general filed suit to block it, bad that the Supreme Court put it on hold, and bad that it's on the way to repeal along the way with so many other beneficial regulations. Gratifying that many US states and institutions have pushed back with #WeAreStillIn, but it's outrageous to have to deal with this big federal step backward.

The great podcast Trump on Earth posted an episode last month, "A Clean Power Plan Post-Mortem," featuring a lawyer who's never supported it. Worth a listen if you're open to hearing more about how the plan may not have been all it promised to be, and ways it may have rested on shaky legal grounds. I disagree with his views, but hey I'm not a lawyer...

How does Canada's planning effort to meet its Paris Agreement  commitment look to you?