Weaponized Geoengineering: CIA Sponsored Weather Research

"What are the ethics of doing geoengineering research?"

"The CIA asked me about controlling the climate this is why we should worry."

Dr. Alan Robock, SM '74 (MIT), PhD '77 (MIT), Distinguished Professor, Department of Environmental Sciences, School of Environmental and Biological Sciences, Rutgers University.

Here is the Story of a very spooky phone call...

On January 19, 2011, Dr. Alan Robock got a phone call from Drs. Roger A. Lueken and Michael E. Canes, of the Logistics Management Institute (LMI) of Tysons Corner, Virgina.  What is LMI?  It's the kind of "consultant" that DARPA hires to do this (publicly)...


Accession NumberADA531681

TitleDARPA Workshop on Geothermal Energy for Military Operations


Personal Author(s):  Canes, Michael E.; Lueken, Roger A.; Shepherd, Nathan J.

Abstract:  The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) sponsored a workshop March 23-25, 2010, to investigate the development of geothermal energy technology for use by the U.S. military.  The workshop was convened to explore whether investment in advanced geothermal technologies might reduce the risk and cost to the point where the U.S. military would be able to take advantage.  The results of the workshop indicate that geothermal energy holds promise for military use under a variety of circumstances...."

...while (secretly) making phone calls to climate scientists about global weather control.

Are you scared yet?

Well, Dr. Robock was.

"On January 19, 2011, I got a phone call from two men who told me they were consultants for the CIA.

... [They] asked, among other things, 'If another country were trying to control our climate, would we be able to detect it?'

... I wondered whether they also wanted to know if others would know about it, if the CIA was controlling the world’s climate.  Given that the CIA is a major sponsor of the recently released US National Academy of Sciences (NAS) reports on geoengineering (which they have renamed “climate intervention”), the question arises as to the possible interest of the CIA in global climate control."

Okay, did you get that?  The CIA is a major sponsor of NAS studies on geoengineering — pleasantly renamed "climate intervention."  That means, interested in "global climate control" (a/k/a Weaponized Weather).

This isn't really about clean and renewable energy for powering military installations, is it?

A July 13, 2013 Article in Mother Jones further explains the CIA's interest in weaponized weather...

"The goal of the CIA-backed NAS study is to conduct a “technical evaluation of a limited number of proposed geoengineering techniques,” according to the NAS website.  Scientists will attempt to determine which geoengineering techniques are feasible and try to evaluate the impacts and risks of each (including “national security concerns”).  One proposed geoengineering method the study will look at is solar radiation management — a fancy term for pumping particles into the stratosphere to reflect incoming sunlight away from the planet.

... The CIA would not say why it had decided to fund the project at this time, but the US government’s apparent interest in altering the climate isn’t new.  The first big use of weather modification as a military tactic came during the Vietnam War, when the Air Force engaged in a cloud seeding program to try to create rainfall and turn the Ho Chi Minh Trail into muck, and thereby gain tactical advantage.  Between 1962 and 1983, other would-be weather engineers tried to change the behavior of hurricanes using silver iodide.  That effort, dubbed Project Stormfury, was spearheaded by the Navy and the Commerce Department.

... Although previous efforts to manipulate weather and climate have often been met with mockery, many geoengineering proposals 'are fundamentally doable, relatively cheap, and do appear to be able to reduce climate risk significantly, but with risks,' explains David Keith, a Harvard researcher and top geoengineering proponent."

Okay, are you scared now?

As Dr. Robock asked above...

"What are the ethics of doing geoengineering research?"

At what point do climate scientists and geophysicists simply refuse to continue to participate in these endeavors?

As I personally see it, Mother Nature is not a sword to be wielded by one angry nation against another, with resulting global consequences for us all.

Climate Action Footnote: Did you happen to notice that one of the spooky callers above, Dr. Canes, was previously Vice President and Chief Economist of the American Petroleum Institute (API), and now appears as a panelist for discussions at the George C. Marshall Institute?

You know, the same Institute that discusses directed energy weapon technology.