Podcast: Toward Climate Justice w/ Jacqueline Patterson & Basav Sen


Great podcast about climate justice and the intersections between climate change, and economic and racial inequality. Among other things, the speakers discuss the roots of climate change in racism and extractive capitalism, its disproportionate impact on low-income communities and people of color, and the power of local organizing and compelling stories to move people to action. 


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"Then just generally also how

"Then just generally also how the intersectional lens that Basav talked about was in terms of the ways that for example are the intersection with the fossil fuel energy companies and the amount of profits that they amass and how they use it, those profits, to push back against everything from clean air to clean energy policies.  That marriage between money and politics is a key factor in how we’ve gotten to where we are in terms of being on this path to catastrophic climate change, and so when we see that transition that we need to make, we also see it in terms of looking at power and where power is placed and where that power has resulted in the proliferation of fossil fuel energy and other polluting practices.  As we move towards climate justice, we really are being intentional about shifting power and really putting power in the hands of the people so the decision making, you really take back our democracy."