Curiosity and Climate Science - Kerry Emanuel

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In this video, MIT’s Professor of Atmospheric Science, Kerry Emanuel, explains the origins of climate science and shares with us the areas which interest him most. 

Professor Emanuel stresses the importance of climate science research and implores talented students to get involved in what he considers to be an underpopulated field.


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Thanks Rick for pulling that

Thanks Rick for pulling that great quote from Kerry's "Climate Science and Climate Risk: A Primer."  I think his willingness as a leading scientist to speak directly and forcefully about impli

cations of the science is also very important. See for instance his leadership building last September's statement from 375 climate scientists to politicians about climate change dangers. We'll hear more from Kerry on this in a forthcoming Part II video from this interview - coming very soon!

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A nicely articulated

A nicely articulated sentiment justifying the ardent safeguarding of scientific curiosity and objectivity in our research universities and institutes, to keep them free from the

external interference and pressures of financial sponsors' own corporate agendas...

"Put simply, science is the pursuit of objective truth and proceeds under the assumption that there is an objective universe external to the human mind.  Scientific inquiry is driven mostly by innate curiosity about how nature works; most scientists I know genuinely love what they do and are
in it for discovery." 
 -  Dr. Kerry A. Emanuel, MIT