Role Playing Climate Negotiations - Travis Franck

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In this video, MIT alum Travis Franck talks about his experience at Climate Interactive and how his background in engineering has helped him in in the world of climate policy.

As a Program Director at Climate Interactive, Travis has helped businesses and organizations predict whether their climate action measures will be enough to achieve their climate goal.

Furthermore, Travis discusses the Climate-Smart Agriculture program he is working on in Africa, to support those worst hit by climate change, looking at how agricultural policies can be changed to improve production and emissions.

Travis also explains their role play simulation, World Climate, where individuals model global treaty negotiations, which are then entered into the climate model to discover how impactful their negotiations were.



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Climate Interactive has been

Climate Interactive has been busy!
Check out their big upgrade of C-ROADS, updates to the Global Climate Negotiation simulation including new briefing positions taken by the U.S., and lots of news on Climate-Smart Agriculture.