About ClimateX

ClimateX began as an award-winning Climate CoLab proposal from two MIT alumni deeply involved in MIT’s Climate Action community. 

They wanted to create an online space where people from the MIT community could share their knowledge and ideas about climate change with the outside world.

Thanks to sponsorship from MIT’s Office of Open Learning and Office of Communication, this initial experiment has grown into an evolving platform of tools and ideas in which learning, connection and action on climate issues can develop.

We invite you to be part of this experiment.


Get Involved

At ClimateX, we want everyone to have a voice.

Do you have an expertise or experience to share with the community? Do you want to share your thoughts, ideas, or research?

Then we’d like to hear from you. Here's how you can get involved:

Tell your story

Do you have a story about climate action in your community or organization that you’d like us to cover?

Send us an email and we’ll get in touch to discuss how ClimateX can support your climate action efforts.

Share your expertise

Are you a climate change expert looking to share your knowledge and research with our community?

Send us an email with your contact details and a brief description of what you're doing and a member of our team will get back to you shortly.


Meet the ClimateX Team


Rajesh Kasturirangan

I am a mathematician and a cognitive scientist, not a climate scientist or policy professional, so it's somewhat surprising that I am one of the cofounders of ClimateX. After living in India for several years, I realized that climate change, environmental degradation and ecological collapse harms the weakest among us and it's our duty to act as soon as possible. Even better if we can create new technologies and platforms while doing so. That's what brings me back to MIT after many years away from Cambridge. When I first arrived at MIT in 1998, I was pleasantly surprised that what differentiated MIT wasn’t technical ability but the ability see ideas and opportunities before anyone else. When it comes to new opportunities, the best way to make progress is to identify low hanging fruit where no one else is looking. MIT taught me how to do so. We have only one earth and our species is destroying it. We have perhaps one or two generations to shift from an extractive to an ecological civilization and I strongly feel that I have to do whatever it takes to enable that transition. MIT has an unparalleled reputation for technical genius. It’s also one of the most entrepreneurial institutions in the world. Why not direct that talent and energy toward the greatest challenge of our times: climate change? We need to shift from an extractive to an ecological civilization in one or at most two generations. My dream is that MIT is a disruptive agent that helps the world shift toward a new way of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Learn more about ClimateX's core principles from Rajesh here

Dave Damm-Luhr

As one of the co-founders of ClimateX, I’m excited to work with you to move it closer to being the go-to place for your climate action needs. As an activist I bring a keen sense of urgency to closing the knowledge-action gap, while linking you to others with similar interests. Along with a career out of MIT as a behavioral scientist working in transportation systems, I also bring a strong interest in the people and organizational side of implementing innovative technologies and policy. With your help, we can tap the incredible talent that each of us offers in mastering the many global climate challenges ahead.


Out of MIT's Office of Digital Learning

Mark Brown

I work in the MIT Office of Digital Learning. I design and manage digital experiences. I work with lots of people to think about the best way to make a digital product work for everyone. I'm really happy to have the chance to work with inspiring people like Rajesh Kasturirangan, Dave Damm-Luhr, and Curt Newton -- the founders of ClimateX. I would love to hear about any ways we can make ClimateX a better experience for you. If you are reading this (and you're signed in to ClimateX!) send me a note and tell me what you really think of ClimateX and how to make it better.

Curt Newton

I’ve come to believe that our collective response to climate change is the defining issue of this generation. And so, finding solutions together is firmly and permanently in my thoughts and actions.

As part of the ClimateX startup team, I connect us with the MIT academic and research community, advise on climate change content, and co-host our video interviews and podcasts. These roles build on over a decade of online education experience with MIT OpenCourseWare, where I’m site curator and a publication manager.

My climate inspirations are many: the wakeup call of Bill McKibben's 2012 Rolling Stone article "Global Warming's Terrifying New Math;" my two young-adult kids, and frequent trail running and hiking; Rebecca Solnit’s “Hope in the Dark,” and the students of Fossil Free MIT. Coming from a Midwestern farm family, I feel particularly close to food and agriculture, and how climate change plays in the US heartland.

Laura Howells

I'm a content marketing manager in MIT's Office of Open Learning. I love working on scrappy new projects with lots of potential and I'm fascinated by the amazing climate knowledge and projects that we have going on here at MIT. My climate interests include the roles that politics and communities can play in shaping climate policy and action. I love to hear from our members so please send me a message if you want to chat about ClimateX. Feedback is always welcome!

Nick Covaleski

I work as a project manager in MIT's Office of Open Learning. I’m interested broadly in the intersection between climate change and ethics, specifically the ways in which culture (religion in particular) and politics shape and inform our views of climate change. I enjoy work that looks at the challenges of climate change from creative angles and fresh perspectives, because those are the perspectives, I hope, that can offer creative and effective solutions. If you have any suggestions - about inspiring work you’ve come across, or about ClimateX in general - please send them my way!