From electric cars to solar-powered train, learn how transportation is changing to meet green initiatives.

1 month 23 hours ago

Here at MIT, we work closely with other Institute partners like Climate CoLab and SOLVE -- who are equally interested in working as a worldwide community to address climate change. 

1 month 1 week ago

Unless you think climate change is manufactured in China, you realize that our steady march towards +2 degrees or more is no longer a scientific question or even a technological challenge, but a political problem. If so, a question arises: what's the right framework for a political solution? Let me offer three choices: 

2 months 1 week ago

MIT Tech Review

As more air travel companies join the race to develop electric planes, the MIT Technology Review considers the challenges facing those who want electric skies. Primarily, battery technology. 

2 months 2 weeks ago

MIT Tech Review

New measures are being introduced across Europe to combat the use of diesel cars in their cities.