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1 day 38 min ago

A prior ClimateX post on geoengineering has seen lots of comment activity. Clearly this topic gets people's attention.

What do you think of this recent drop-the-mic geoengineering quip from science celeb Neil deGrasse Tyson?

"If we have the power to turn Mars into Earth then we can turn Earth back into Earth."


3 weeks 15 hours ago

The day we have been dreading has arrived - the United States is pulling out of the Paris accord, which some might say was a weak agreement in the first place. What's next? Will other countries step up - I hope they do. Will they also bolt the stable? Even more likely, will we continue doing nothing while paying lip service to lofty goals because we know that international commitments mean nothing?

3 weeks 1 day ago

Energy startup NetPower, led by MIT alums, is about to fire up a 25 MW natural gas-burning power plant that produces no net carbon emissions.The key is producing a waste stream of pure carbon dioxide, which can be directly stored in rock formations ("carbon capture and sequestration") without the need for the costly purification required by traditional power plants.

3 weeks 2 days ago

Have a scan of Looking for Trump’s Climate Policy? Try the Energy Department to see where the current national administration seems to be leading.  Energy research-intensive schools like MIT could be significantly affected, if the proposed shifts happen.

1 month 23 hours ago

Here at MIT, we work closely with other Institute partners like Climate CoLab and SOLVE -- who are equally interested in working as a worldwide community to address climate change.