How is climate change affecting our health? Uncover how climate change links to our physical well-being and whether some of us are at greater risk than others.

1 month 1 day ago

Last month, we in Cambridge MA were lucky to have a powerhouse panel discussion on the current state of understanding, communicating about, and taking effective action on climate change. A video of it has just been posted, and it's as good as I remember it! 

Here's how session organizer UnDark describes it:

1 month 3 days ago

What are the effects of climate on child's respiratory and diarrhea diseases?

1 month 4 days ago

Far away...maybe someday...not me.

One of the challenges posed by climate change is psychological: it can be hard to stay engaged when we don't feel many climate change risks and impacts in the here and now. (For a particularly eloquent expression of this challenge, highly recommend the short video "The Measure of a Fog: Distance" by Ian Cheney and UnDark.)

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Interested in food, health, and entrepreurship?

The MIT Beyond Food Bootcamp could be for you. Learn and practice an innovation framework taught by MIT faculty and MIT-trained mentors, with a focus on innovative entrepreneurial improvements to the food lifecycle, including food system sustainability, transparency, and health. 

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What are the most important things -- or the most practical, or the highest impact -- that we can do to prevent catastrophic climate change?

It turns out that many have little or nothing to do with renewable energy, high tech and massive infrastructure projects.

The single most impactful solution? Around the world, educate girls and give them access to family planning.